Rail Transportation

Our railway transportation service consist of combined or mail vans and different containers. By clients request, cargoes can be transferred in combined or through trains, including “door-to-door” delivery. We offer export/import cargoes transactions from/to all train stations of Russian Federation, CIS, Western Europe, Scandinavia, Asia and China.

We ship by supersize containers 20′ DC, 40′ DC, 40′ HC, in goods wagons, gondolas and open goods trucks.

We guarantee safe delivery at the shortest time, documents registration and cargoes tracking.

Our services include:

  • Cargoes customization
  • Optimal planning of routes
  • Receiving and shipping any kinds of cargoes all over Russia, CIS and Third World countries
  • Transportation and forwarding services
  • We place at client’s disposal containers and cargo handling devises
  • All kinds of trains
  • Trucking
  • Receiving, shipping and redirection of cargoes in wagons, refrigerator sections and other kinds of rail vehicles
  • Rail shipping of dangerous cargoes
  • Cargoes insurance
  • Consultation
  • Marketing and information services
  • Custom registration of export/import transactions